Vedic Astrology for Relationships

dreamstimelarge_14838914Relationship Compatibility is an extremely valuable tool in Vedic Astrology. The system used is highly developed and has been tested over thousands of years to determine how well a couple will do in relationship together. In addition, what are called “Relationship Capacity Yogas”  reveal how you show up in relationships. Some yogas, or astrological combinations in the chart, can help you feel confident, secure, empowered, loving and capable, whereas other combinations can make you feel insecure, self-critical, overly ambitious, doubtful or deceitful. It’s possible to identify these core areas of strengths and weaknesses very quickly in a chart, and give you a good idea of both your and your partner’s tendencies. An astrological consultation can help you to identify your specific patterns so that you can make empowering changes in your life to improve your love and relationship destiny. This will also improve your ability to consciously choose more empowered relationships with an equal.

When used together, the combination of Relationship Capacity and Relationship Compatibility can help determine if you should invest in a new relationship, or help in evaluating if the relationship you’re in is worth staying in over the long term. Very often, it’s possible to be positively compatible with a partner who may have poor Relationship Capacity. This can lead you to stay committed to someone who will be very difficult to be in a relationship with, since you are positively drawn to them through strong Compatibility but their skill level is low. That is, their capacity for loyalty, honesty, responsibility, consideration, and resolving conflict are in need of strong improvement. Conversely, you may find that your partner has excellent Relationship Capacity, meaning that his or her relationship skills are really strong and allow effective communication and relating, but your Compatibility with that person might be low, and you sense less of the “magic sparks.” In this case, the high Capacity for relationship can make it easier to partner with this person, and a lower Compatibility can be overcome, provided that you both feel a strong love between you that can hold the relationship together.

You can definitely learn to re-pattern your thinking around relationships, and make healthier choices. A lot comes down to self-esteem and self-respect, and what we will “put up with” in terms of ‘poor behavior’ – both in ourselves, and our partners. It’s about learning new ways of approaching our mind – where we hold our beliefs, and our emotions. The thing about our charts is that we are not supposed to be the victim in our lives, and that includes our signs. The idea is to gradually outgrow our charts and our early conditioning as we mature and acquire new skill sets in our relationships and in our lives. When we take the broader view, and learn new ways of approaching our psychology based on this knowledge, we can more fully self-actualize and break the habits of mind that keep us stuck.

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