Create Powerful, Lasting Relationships!

  • Learn how to date smarter so that you aren’t wasting your time on dead-end relationships
  • Learn how to set boundaries in a relationship that your partner loves to live within
  • Discover how to be your own best friend and how to say NO in a way that makes everyone happy

With Vedic Astrology, an ancient science from India, you can save yourself from years of therapy and relationships that go nowhere! When you are dating, you can learn to consciously choose healthy relationships and see what someone’s Relationship Capacity is before you make any long-term commitments. Relationship Capacity is how capable someone is of actually being in a relationship, and when you know this ahead of time, it can save you years of frustration, confusion and unmet expectations.  Once you know a person’s Relationship Capacity, you can then examine the Relationship Compatibility between your chart and theirs.


“I immediately saw a correlation between my chart and the patterns I kept repeating in my life, as well as why I kept attracting the wrong partners.” -Beth, Chicago, IL

“Though I was desperate for my relationship to work, I  feel like I am not crazy!  Despite our strong compatibility and capacity, it was powerful, learning what I knew deep down inside, that my guy was ‘truly a handful!’”  -Anonymous

“Although in my heart I knew that I had met the woman I wanted to marry and spend my life with, it was helpful to receive insight about how our two charts compared. It helped to spell out how we were compatible, areas to be mindful of, and what is in store for us.  It was amazing how accurate Richelle was with the past, present, and so far the future!” - K.F., France

” I have had a lot of therapy in my life, yet our time together (and Vedic Astrology) has helped me reach a level of understanding in a short amount of time that traditional therapy would have taken years (if ever) to achieve.”  -Anonymous, Colorado

“Richelle is that rare astrologer who combines both a beautiful heart and depth of compassion, with amazing wit, life experience, and solid skills to truly encourage her clients to have the right understanding of who they are and why they’re here – and what the heck to do now and in the future to make things be as good as they can possibly be. Her ability to communicate heady, deep subjects in a light, encouraging, wise, and responsible way leads to the right decisions, peace of mind, and vastly improved life we all long for. In short, she rocks.” ~Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer

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